Prometer Hp500

Prometer LL Series Passenger Car tire.


  • Wide, flat tread
  • Notched center rib
  • Slotted shoulder elements
  • Precisely configured grooves
  • Nylon cap ply
  • Circumferential grooves
  • Advance tread compound
  • M&S Rated
  • Two steel belts


  • Increased stability, excellent treadwear
  • Provides even treadwear
  • Promotes all-weather performance
  • Prevents groove wander
  • Promotes casing integrity and tread squirm
  • Helps prevent hydroplaning
  • Promotes long wear and provides good comfort and handling
  • For reliable traction in all-weather conditions with maximized wet road handling
  • Excellent handling and long, even treadwear


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